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I have always loved both Ane Brun and Jose Gonzalez for their guitar parts that always tug on my heartstrings; now they’ve produced one of their collaborations!!!  The video is called Undersea Funeral, click here to watch it!

And Ane Brun is coming to L.A. in May….I think she will be a great live performer, as she gives so much of herself in her recorded albums. Her lyrics are so honest and so true.


At one point this was one of my favorite groups (especially for “Heartbeats” and “Girl’s Night out”), and this album is super exciting to me, partly for it’s weirdness. I was so surprised to hear the operatic voices take such a central role in this album!

This lady just does it for me right now. I love how much fun she is having and her creativity. Keep it coming, Theresa Andersson!