Being immersed in the classical style right now has given me a huge appreciation especially for the classical vocal technique. For my Senior project as a music major, I am to perform a 60-minute recital of vocal music. I have chosen to focus on female composers, as it angers me how underrepresented women are in composition and in the creation of music. It’s not that they are not making music, it’s just that nobody is listening to them! It has been a fascinating journey to uncover names and history and I know there is so much more to find. And so much more music to sing!!!

In the research I have done, I came upon a talented duo who uncover lesser-known works and record them. They write great bios about each of the composers they feature, which I appreciate very much. I believe the composers’ social context to be very important to the arts they create, it’s consumption, and its social significance. Click here to open a new page to their blog, titled The Art Song Project. It is a collaboration of Swedish-Egyptian vocalist Hélène Nyqvist and German pianist Philipp Vogler. Through their project I found two composers I absolutely love and will be singing some of their music: Elfrida Andrée (Sweden: 1841-1929) and Augusta Holmès (France: 1847-1903). It was especially exciting to find a Swedish composer with texts in Swedish, so I could connect to my roots and sing in my other native language.

By Augusta Holmès: A Trianon

By Elfrida Andrée: En vacker höstdag