So, the internet is kind of crazy in that it gives us access to SO MUCH MUSIC! I have found so many awesome artists just by clicking links from other artists I know. And I love posting these groups/musicians that I find, because it is so exciting to listen to them and spread the great music there is out there!

Check out this band, called Vindvisa, who actually went to the school I will attend next year and have a wonderful, complex sound and beautiful vocals. I especially love the song called “Heartbeats” because it is a good picker-upper and the lyrics are so true!

A friend of theirs (not sure of their relationship, but her Soundcloud was linked from the Vindvisa page) named Moa McAllister has entrancing guitar accompaniment, heartfelt lyrics and a soulful voice.

I also wanted to pass on an important message to artists out there blogged by Addison Eaton, who is someone very special to me and also a very talented artist. Browse his skills, colors, forms, playfulness and love here!!!

I greatly appreciate this.