Sweden has become my home once again, and I find myself in a lovely town where the mosquitos are plenty and the sun shines until 10pm. Well, actually I’m about 5 km outside of this little town, where there is no commerce, not even a kiosk. The school I am attending is surrounded by water, as it is situated on a little channel that is between a lake and a small bay, if you will. I am waiting for the winter to come, when we can walk across the ice into town which cuts the time it takes to walk in half. As it turns out, I could actually sail anywhere in the world from this lake because it is the northernmost lake that is connected all the way to the Göta Canal and out through Göteborg and into the North Sea.

Today I took a long walk and found myself in the surrounding fairytale-like forest with lingonberries and cow grates and paused for a swim in the lake and splayed out on a rock for a while. Part of me loves how slowly the courses are getting started so I can have more time to settle in and appreciate a life that is not filled with the stress I was used to at Occidental. Another part of me is still ingrained with a need for concrete accomplishments and stress, so I am soothing my need for constant engagement with structure. It is a good lesson for me to learn. I need it, especially after this hectic summer!

Since I got to Sweden, I have been making new friends and reconnecting with old friends in magical ways. When I first got to Sweden, we had a reunion with some classmates when we studied together on Öland in ’07/’08. I am so thankful for knowing and being in contact with these marvelous people and every time we reunite I feel so comfortable, content, loving, and proud. It is funny how we can all live in different parts of the world/Sweden, yet when we get back together there is an immediate trust and comfort that is so unique.

And now that I am here and situated at school, I am once again surrounded by people who are here to meet others, collaborate, improve on their instrument, and grow. It is inspirational to be around so many who are here for a new beginning, of sorts. I look forward to what this year will bring…..!

And here is a wonderful cover of a song for you to enjoy!