I am thrilled to announce that I was chosen as one of 62 participants from 475 applicants to compete in the Mirjam Helin Contest in Helsinki, Finland, May 20-29th, 2019!

Here you can visit my own personal page on the competition website, and below you can see my repertoire.

Preliminary round
J.S. BachJohannes-Passion: Ich folge dir gleichfalls
G. NyströmHavet sjunger (Lindqvist)
R. SchumannWidmung (Rückert)
G.C. MenottiThe old maid and the thief: “Steal me, sweet thief” (Laetitia)
K. SaariahoSydän (Leino)
C. DebussyAriettes oubliées (Verlaine)
1. C’est l’extase langoureuse
2. Il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut sur la ville
3. L’ombre des arbres
4. Paysages belges. Chevaux de bois
5. Aquarelles I. Green
6. Aquarelles II. Spleen
W.A. MozartDie Zauberflöte: “Ach, ich fühl´s “
G.F. HändelGiulio Cesare:”Piangerò, la sorte mia” (Cleopatra)
G. CharpentierLouise: “Depuis le jour” (Louise)