Kristine grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in a Swedish-American family. In 2012 she graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, with a B.A. in Music and minors in Sociology and Latin American Studies. The combination of a deep love of singing, great teachers, experiences living abroad in Sweden and Argentina and supportive faculty and family led her to decide to pursue a career with her voice. In 2012-13 she studied at Ingesunds Musikhögskola followed by Birkagårdens Folkhögskola in Stockholm 2013-14. In June 2018 she completed her studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Click here to read her thesis about the importance of choosing repertoire with an intersectional perspective and an analysis of parts of by Judith Weir, with texts by Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou and Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

In September, 2018 she began a two year Masters program with Malmö Opera Academy,  a collaboration between the College of Music in Malmö and Malmö Opera. During the fall of 2018 she was the understudy for the roll Maria in Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story at Malmö Opera, which ran from August 31-December 16, 2018. She currently studies voice with Kirsten Buhl Møller. Click here for her CV (in Swedish!)

Along with classical voice studies, she freelances as a soloist and a member of various vocal ensembles. She has lead a choir and has given lectures on equity and norms through Make Equal and Popkollo and organized music camps for girls and trans youth in Botkyrka, just south of Stockholm. She has also been known to dabble with writing her own music with a pop/soul influence and powerful vocals and texts.

Click here to read the Program Notes she prepared for her Undergraduate Senior Recital at Occidental College in April 2012, in which most of the songs she performed were by female composers from the Western classical musical tradition.

Instagram @kristinenowlain