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Sweden has become my home once again, and I find myself in a lovely town where the mosquitos are plenty and the sun shines until 10pm. Well, actually I’m about 5 km outside of this little town, where there is no commerce, not even a kiosk. The school I am attending is surrounded by water, as it is situated on a little channel that is between a lake and a small bay, if you will. I am waiting for the winter to come, when we can walk across the ice into town which cuts the time it takes to walk in half. As it turns out, I could actually sail anywhere in the world from this lake because it is the northernmost lake that is connected all the way to the Göta Canal and out through Göteborg and into the North Sea.

Today I took a long walk and found myself in the surrounding fairytale-like forest with lingonberries and cow grates and paused for a swim in the lake and splayed out on a rock for a while. Part of me loves how slowly the courses are getting started so I can have more time to settle in and appreciate a life that is not filled with the stress I was used to at Occidental. Another part of me is still ingrained with a need for concrete accomplishments and stress, so I am soothing my need for constant engagement with structure. It is a good lesson for me to learn. I need it, especially after this hectic summer!

Since I got to Sweden, I have been making new friends and reconnecting with old friends in magical ways. When I first got to Sweden, we had a reunion with some classmates when we studied together on Öland in ’07/’08. I am so thankful for knowing and being in contact with these marvelous people and every time we reunite I feel so comfortable, content, loving, and proud. It is funny how we can all live in different parts of the world/Sweden, yet when we get back together there is an immediate trust and comfort that is so unique.

And now that I am here and situated at school, I am once again surrounded by people who are here to meet others, collaborate, improve on their instrument, and grow. It is inspirational to be around so many who are here for a new beginning, of sorts. I look forward to what this year will bring…..!

And here is a wonderful cover of a song for you to enjoy!


So, the internet is kind of crazy in that it gives us access to SO MUCH MUSIC! I have found so many awesome artists just by clicking links from other artists I know. And I love posting these groups/musicians that I find, because it is so exciting to listen to them and spread the great music there is out there!

Check out this band, called Vindvisa, who actually went to the school I will attend next year and have a wonderful, complex sound and beautiful vocals. I especially love the song called “Heartbeats” because it is a good picker-upper and the lyrics are so true!

A friend of theirs (not sure of their relationship, but her Soundcloud was linked from the Vindvisa page) named Moa McAllister has entrancing guitar accompaniment, heartfelt lyrics and a soulful voice.

I also wanted to pass on an important message to artists out there blogged by Addison Eaton, who is someone very special to me and also a very talented artist. Browse his skills, colors, forms, playfulness and love here!!!

I greatly appreciate this.

This is a wonderful time of rapid changes and exciting new adventures! In May I graduated from college and have already had ten days of choir tour with the magnificent Occidental College Glee Club in Boston, Massachusetts and the Cape Cod, completed a ten day (80 hours) Wilderness First Responder course and a week of staff training for my summer job that begins in two weeks: taking a group of thirteen high schoolers on a 25-day trip to Morocco and Spain. This all leads into a year of music studies at Ingesund Folkhögskola in a small town in the region of Värmland in Sweden. I can’t believe I pulled off such a sweet line up! I have experienced waves of reality checks, however, entering the “real world,” which really just means a place where, among other things that are different than a college campus, most people do not speak the language of Occidental College. I am finding myself in spheres where I cannot easily access the conversations about race, gender, class, sexuality, and music in the same way that I did on a college campus, especially one such as Oxy. What I really mean is that for the first time I am having to find ways to explain (or refrain from explaining) how I think in ways that are not already laid out by the conversations already in place on campus. I find myself wondering how I will stay connected to the challenges that my course work, fellow students, and professors (mainly in Sociology and Critical Theories and Social Justice) presented me in critically questioning this world and the way I (and others) live my life in it. It makes me thankful for the friendships I have made through college that will continue to challenge and push this world, our ideas of how it works, and where our energies should be focused. I had a wonderful conversation with my sister today about the importance of challenging oneself to create instead of letting being critical of the things that are not working suck out all of our energy. I am thankful for her every day, especially in these times when her understanding means so much to me.


It is funny that most of my posts this far somehow relate back to Sweden, and most are about music. This is a big reason why I wanted to go back to Sweden: to reconnect with my other half, be with family and good old friends, and also to enter the magical music scene to see what emerges out of me and from the opportunities that arise. I look forward to buckling down and focusing on music, as well as being surrounded by other musicians in such an intimate environment. I am so excited for what I am going to learn from all of them! But first, Morocco and Spain plus a mountain of leadership experience to come!


Here’s another video from the choir tour that topped off my college experience in the best way possible: singing, a loving family of 40 awesome people who also love to sing, and new places I have never been before. This piece is called The Sounding Sea and we performed it in a church in the hometown of one of the choir members in Sherborn, Mass.

I lived in Gothenburg for the summer of 2008 to work at a nursing home after spending a year at Ölands Musikteaterskola. I lived with a good friend of mine and her boyfriend in an apartment. All of us are musicians of some sort, and I remember how Terje played me some of his original songs and I was so impressed. Now he is in an awesome band called Seaweed and is making more wonderful music! I have been listening to their album non-stop. Check it out here!

Its senior recital time! On Saturday I will sing my heart out for about an hour of music and in six different languages! I’m so excited to make music with four other student musicians as well as the accompanist I’ve been working with all year. So if you’re in the L.A. area, come by this Saturday, April 7th, at 7:30 in Bird Studio at Occidental College for some good times. Composers featured are the following: Pauline Viardot Garcia, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Rebecca Clarke, Maria Szymanowska, Irma Urteaga, Alicia Terzian, Augusta Holmès, Elfrida Andrée, Corona Schröter, as well as W.A. Mozart, Aaron Copland, Alberto Ginastera, Carlos Guastavino and Carl Maria von Weber.

Being immersed in the classical style right now has given me a huge appreciation especially for the classical vocal technique. For my Senior project as a music major, I am to perform a 60-minute recital of vocal music. I have chosen to focus on female composers, as it angers me how underrepresented women are in composition and in the creation of music. It’s not that they are not making music, it’s just that nobody is listening to them! It has been a fascinating journey to uncover names and history and I know there is so much more to find. And so much more music to sing!!!

In the research I have done, I came upon a talented duo who uncover lesser-known works and record them. They write great bios about each of the composers they feature, which I appreciate very much. I believe the composers’ social context to be very important to the arts they create, it’s consumption, and its social significance. Click here to open a new page to their blog, titled The Art Song Project. It is a collaboration of Swedish-Egyptian vocalist Hélène Nyqvist and German pianist Philipp Vogler. Through their project I found two composers I absolutely love and will be singing some of their music: Elfrida Andrée (Sweden: 1841-1929) and Augusta Holmès (France: 1847-1903). It was especially exciting to find a Swedish composer with texts in Swedish, so I could connect to my roots and sing in my other native language.

By Augusta Holmès: A Trianon

By Elfrida Andrée: En vacker höstdag

I have always loved both Ane Brun and Jose Gonzalez for their guitar parts that always tug on my heartstrings; now they’ve produced one of their collaborations!!!  The video is called Undersea Funeral, click here to watch it!

And Ane Brun is coming to L.A. in May….I think she will be a great live performer, as she gives so much of herself in her recorded albums. Her lyrics are so honest and so true.

At one point this was one of my favorite groups (especially for “Heartbeats” and “Girl’s Night out”), and this album is super exciting to me, partly for it’s weirdness. I was so surprised to hear the operatic voices take such a central role in this album!

This lady just does it for me right now. I love how much fun she is having and her creativity. Keep it coming, Theresa Andersson!


My wonderful sister has made me this website! It’s a work in progress at this moment, so bear with us. Feel free to contact me with any questions on my “Contact Me” page.